6 Good Reasons to Buy Vinyl

  1. A beautifully package record is the perfect gift.   Something that will be treasured for years.  Does it feel the same as giving someone a iTunes gift card ???
  2. Invest in vinyl.  Start a collection.     When you purchase a record you have a tangible asset in your hands.  Your collection will hold it’s value with a good chance you will be able to trade it at a greatly increased value.
  3. Records reproduce sound as the producer or artist intended.  The sound is not compressed to suit a digital device.
  4. Buying vinyl you support the hardworking artist enabling them to invest in new product.
  5. In December 2016 vinyl outsold all digital formats.
  6. Buying a record is an experience.  Treat yourself to an experience no digital format will give you.    Sink into the soul of the music.
  7. Top selling vinyl of 2010:
    • The Beatles, Abbey Road
    • Arcade Fire, The Suburbs
    • The Black Keys, Brothers
    • Vampire Weekend, Contra
    • Michael Jackson, Thriller
    • The National, High Violet
    • Beach House, Teen Dream
    • Jimi Hendrix Experience, Valleys of Neptune
    • Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon
    • The xx, Self Titled

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