Established in 1972, trading under Castle Hill Music Centre. Don Shields’ record store flourished over the years. With the decline of vinyl sales he moved onto selling musical instruments and sheet music. In 2016 vinyl outsold digital, Don decided to re-enter the vinyl market and provide the best of back catalogue and latest releases.

Music phantom - castle hill's premier vinyl outlet

In such a rapidly shifting world consumed by music streaming and downloads, it’s becoming progressively easier to take music for granted, and as any music enthusiast will tell you, theres nothing quite like holding a real record in your hands.

With our roots firmly sitting in our teachings of musical theory at Castle Hill Music School, Music Phantom offers a vast array of both new and second hand vinyl records, sprawled across an extensive range of genres such as Jazz, Classical, Funk, Blues, Soul, Hip-Hop and Rock.

If you’re a keen record collector and live within Castle Hill, feel free to pop into our store and flick through our stock with your very own finger tips!